Does not? Does not.

by decipheringsilence

Beliefs. We all carry inside of us. Beliefs are what we grow in to. Bit by bit moment by moment in perfect fragments. They’re our building blocks. Our little mental building of ideas and facts that keeps growing taller with every passing birthday, ever passing blowing of the cake candles. They keep growing. Taller and taller. Making us proud of how much we’ve achieved and learned in life. Level by level. We teach them preach them summon them. On ourselves and onto others. We reach them like they’re ours to use. They’re our stack of accomplishments. Our pride. They’re what keeps us going yet what holds us in one place. Beliefs.

Known and unknown. Big and small. Rigid and unstable. Weak and stone cold. Beliefs.


there comes a time when everything that has ever reached atop fumbles and stumbles and makes the foundation burst into a thousand million trillion uncertainties.

There comes a time it all breaks.

It stays like that till we cease to live.