The Rescuing Part.

by decipheringsilence

Im still there. Im still in the process of saving the bud. Im still unresolved with what needs to be done and what should be done.  Im there somewhere yet very far away from my lamp post; far from where the light comes. I’ll reach it someday.  I’ll rescue the involved. Ill someday become the saviour and undo it all for them. The faces. The questions.  Ill answer them all. Ill save them.
I’ll have to.
There’s a reason to the growing up, to all the learning,  to all the exposures, to all the drama. A face to all the realities. Ill find it all. Ill fix it all. I’ll be the hand. Ill ask, ill give.
It weakens me yet becomes the strongest of all my strengths. It haunts yet boosts up my courage. It drowns yet saves. Its like an entire life revolving around two flip sides of an irregular coin.

Like the answer being the question and the question – the only answer.