The Shift.

by decipheringsilence

Not easy. Nope. The shift. The sudden pulling up and throwing away. The process of detaching something swiftly enough to not damage it and pin it all on a replacement. Not done. Its a constantly playing circular move. Its never ending. You may be able to trick the mind but would it be anything other than losing to the misery? Giving it all up? This sudden bout of recognizing that you’re done with the cycle yet not there completely. Its a delusion. Its a mere way of the head giving up because its lost all hope all logic to the process and the possibility. It isn’t that easy. Its as difficult as is the attachment. The willy nilly state of the heart when its hanging between pulling down the flimsy barriers or extending them up with rock solid bricks.
Its not that quick. Nor is it that detailed. Its a state. A medical condition that is strictly monitored and treated yet unknown in some of its aspects. Its not happening. The shift. The attachment is always in the roots. Replace, shift, switch, transfer. No its staying where its rooted. We may twist and turn and flip the shoots to our liking but there’s no moving the root. There’s no pulling up and throwing away. There’s no pining happening to a replacement. The replacement is just a dummy. Playing at the hands of an insolent heart. A heart that knows just the root of the attachment. There is no connection with where the shoot’s gone. Its least bothered. Because somewhere high up there in the shoots is nothing but a mirror-image of the root. And that, my friend, is all that matters.

klee-300x250                                  You’re stuck in it.