Journey to the End

by decipheringsilence

There are destinations. To everything. For all living entities, there are goals. Goals that we run after. A destination that we pick and strive our entire lives to reach out to and feel what we’ve dreamed of feeling. The heart definitely knows no limits huh. But then there are spaces. There are spaces to everything. There are aspects all destinations lack. You lose something to get something? Ahan something of that sort! There is never completeness to the reaching. No sense of fulfillment at the goalpost. 

There’s always something lacking.

Or may be that is one more way of being ungrateful and unsatisfied.

Deep waters have their own traits. They teach and learn different things. The shore is always one place that looks the calmest yet upon reaching it the hard waters are what seem too hard a road to the little fruit that the shore becomes. The shore does not know how hard it has been to tread the waters. Reach out for it, touch, and return. The destination. Its always smaller once its reached. Always a little less satisfying than how we imagine it.

May be its not about being ungrateful.

Its about how our humanness fails to gulp down the pressures of the roads. The transitions. The levels of the games. Its may be about how the paths to glory reek of failed attempts. How reaching the destinations is often about falling down and standing up and limping your way to the goal. About gasping for some air and finally breathing it once you reach your Purpose and Intention and Plan. 

It may also be about losing charm. Missing the outburst of adrenaline, missing the hippy happy uncertainties, missing the way that unintentionally created more room for joy and pleasure than the destination.

Its about how we’re created may be. A little bit of everything is what keeps us going. a little uncertainty, a little sense of achievement and a little loss of hope. We’re mechanized this way. Its how our minds work. We need a little breaking of the heart to feel what mending it up is like. We need a little black to be able to distinguish a white. We need a little sorrow to see light. Its may be this helplessness that makes the journey worthwhile – that makes the Reaching worthwhile. We need a little chaos on the road to celebrate reaching the destination.

to be continued..