The Year That It was.

by decipheringsilence

It was a beginning. Like every other chapter in life. Every other instance man has created to make ado about. It was a new set of days and nights. It was usual. It was black and white – and grey too. It was all normal. Like most people say, it was like normal passing days, except for the fact that something changed along the lines. Something rigid and consistent. Something very dear. Slowly, step by step. It was like a storm approaching. Making no noise at all yet preparing to unleash the worst. It was all sudden yet very prolonged. It was surprising but also like it had been waiting forever. It was a lot like life. 

Bit by bit, it made me learn. The worst ways ever. It made me realize there’s no other option. It made me learn how to live with the memory. It made the difference very clear. It took everything away. The year that it was. It took all that held significance. It took it all away in the snippet of a memory. Like deaths happen. The way they take a part of you with them – the way they leave a part of them within you. To live on the scraps of your wounded memory and mind. To bit by bit nurture their ulterior motives. To take away what little is left. It knew everything. The year that it was. 

People, memories, lives, smiles and emotion. Swept away like a teenager falling in love for the first time. Like a fading memory right before the start of a seemingly new life. Like the knowledge that there’s nothing you can do about the stuff that your heart talks about. Like there’s just no option. It effortlessly took everything away. 


It showed me death, abandonment & a shallow surface.