by decipheringsilence

It’s all been floating. Like everything else in life. Mile by mile, inch by inch, beat by beat, drop by drop. It’s always been wavy.

Your image. The idea of your essence. My perfectly imagined reality. The bizzare increments to my waywardness. It’s all been hazy.

You were always reality but in the perfectly imagined thoughts that stayed nowhere but in the heart, the mind, the eyes.

Joy, perfection, idealism, realism were all your fellow waves – bumping into your existence in my head under the gold sun that gleamed at your halo. You were about to touch the shore – me – as naturally as normal waves do. I was as natural a shore as ever. I knew one day you’d splash your perfection and we’d both be lit with the best rays of the sun. I knew there would come a day when all Nature would celebrate our union. They’ll all conspire to become as perfect as we are. As entwined into each other’s realities as nothing else in the world of existence.

You came so close. But may be you brought me here to drown. The waters became so hard to tread. The waves crashed over my head. There was no sunshine. No magic. The sparkles faded away.There was only darkness. Only the black covering all whites and greys.

and there were waves – so many of them. But what wasnt there was all that was good about them. All that was magical about them. All that was perfectly standing as a memoir in my head.

You. You were nowhere there.