Life’s funny

by decipheringsilence

Its weird. All of it is.

Memories, instances, bad parts, happy parts. Life – as a whole – is just plain and simple weird. There are times when I wonder why life makes us go through so many things that it knows our minds and hearts cannot handle. Why does it make us survive the booms and slumps?

its just too weird. At one point in time, we’re propelled to hold on to it while it slowly steadily pulls its hem away from us right when we begin to feel comfortable in the hanging position.

Why. Hmm. If religion is to blame, why would God exactly want to test us when He knows that we’re all flawed and human and incapable of handling our shit well. Why would he waste His own time testing us when He’s the one who’s created us in the first place and knows exactly how we behave and react to situations.
If psychology or science is to blame, whats the use of spilling a thousand million trillion gazillion thoughts and bucks over discovering shit that has no practical solution. Why do we attempt at answering the questions of the mind when we know they’re hardly effective unless people are actually schooled into them (Which has its own strings attached). To be able to apply the laws and solutions that science and psychology devise one has to be able enough to read and understand and be able to land into the right places with the right amount of  psychic potentials to make sure that he just gets to know about these possibilities. -_-


how stupid can we be? Life is something that can never have a proper definition. It has as many definitions as hearts thumping in this world. Then why standardize stuff? Why look into guessing the stuff life offers. Why not keep things simple? Why not think of going with the flow?

..and take life as it comes.