Nothing new.

by decipheringsilence

You may have everything and nothing. But it aint necesary that these things get you your heartfelt desires. Theres nothing really that can. You may be happy with the way you look, you talk, you walk. You may be great with your friends and family. You may be awesome at living life and managing your own shit. But. Its never enough.

There’s never that defined set of somethings that can get you the only thing you’ve longed for, ever since you’ve known these words. Theres nothing pre-defined that may get you what you think you deserve – what you think is right for you.

Theres always a nothing.

No teacher, preacher, friend or foe may teach you how and why. No single person on the planet may know the whats and whens. No single body single lesson may devise a shortcut. No books no journals nothing at all -may teach u the art of the heart.
Theres always an uncertainty . A lost hope. A fragmented dream. A single leaf that knows no wind & no directions to home.
Theres always a hope. An undying unconvincing hope. A light at the end of the tunnel? A flame thats fanned way too much yet it burns to its best potential.
Theres always a strength. That keeps us going. A strength that gets hidden by years and experiences and emotion and words, yet never fails to fan hope.

Theres always a something. And its nothing new.