Of silver linings & hope

by decipheringsilence

Smiles. On the face. The heart. The mind.

I’ve received It all. I’ve achieved it all.

Every single non human thing I ever imagined. And yes im happy. Because all human things matter way too less today.

Every day. Every night. Is a new beginning. Every moment is a welcome mat. That sings a silent song. A song you’ll hear only when you know where its playing. A melody that only the finest of all feelings recognize. A tune that only the very bruised the very recovered hearts know. Something only smiling hearts know.

May be this is the test. This perpetual cycle of connecting and disconnecting with so many things at one time. may be this is success. This flawless numb feeling that knows you’ve lost all human valuables you once had. The only things left are the non-human possessions. Your work. Your thesis. Your effort. Your ideas.

Maybe this is life. The cycle where all things stay yet leave us out in the worst crowds. This silence that overpowers everything at once. This redemption that becomes your sole prodigy.

May be this is success. That thumb in the air. That moment when you feel those eyes on you piercing you skin-deep. The people. The minds. all looking at you. Yet you know you cannot let go. Your barriers are what you have to protect. Out here in the crowds. Your voice is what has to stay still. Your heart is what has to become all resolute.

May be this is The Moment. The one moment where you applaud from your insides FOR your insides. The one moment when everything sad seems too small to cry rivers over. The one moment where joy and excruciating pain get mixed up. The one moment when you realize that This is the place where life wanted to bring you. This is where all the misery ends. This is where a new sun appears. A new chapter begins (and yes only to end soon again and make way for another chapter). This is where you leave your luggage behind and run. Run as fast as you can. With nothing but yourself.

This moment where you know nothing is going with you. And you are starting afresh.