by decipheringsilence

A small word. An intriguing feeling. A consistent jeopardy. A confusion when
mixed with love haunts the shit out of souls. Out of the dark chambers of love.
of the wet lanes in the eye. Out of the cold streets of thought. Distance. With all sides equal. All dimensions fair. All corners round. All edges bleak. All alphabets daunting.
Distance. The closest ally to doubt and misery. mystery’s friend and time’s foe.
Distance. As blurry as clear. As long as short. As familiar as strange.
As opposite as similar.
Distance. Is all you could give.
Distance. Is all I could see.
So close yet so far.
Right there yet nowhere.
Somewhere inside me yet somewhere far away. In my eyes yet out of my mind.
In my heart yet unfamiliar. Too complete yet in pieces.
Is all we ever had. Our greatest enemy our greatest friend. It lead us on yet let us down.
Distance. The make or break. The carrot and the stick. So helpful yet so helpless.
The only light yet the only source of the dark. The only oasis to its own self. So organized yet unplanned. The only habit yet the only change.
Our only source of love.
Our only point of hatred.