by decipheringsilence

Sitting in a dark room, facing the only physically lighted thing(read:my laptop), and getting carried away by a million thoughts and memories, im wondering
why such a huge unexplanable experience is identified by a word  as little as ‘life’.

MY head literally jolts with all the nasty flashbacks of the past and i wonder if another four lettered word(read:love) could be blamed for all the mess my
life has gone through? was it innocence or sheer stupidity? or the natural blindfold that every teenager experiences at a certain sometime where everything
fits in place like a fairytale.. the breeze looks like a thousand happy dreams float in it ..feels like the flowers the butterflies the moon the stars can look
right in ur eyes and feel the emotion u carry within u ..the way tht one very thought surrounds ur mind at the wake of the dawn and stays till u shut ur eyes
with the smiling stars ..
what a beautiful yet challenging age of human life it is…….where even the darkest and most dangerous situations seem to vanish like those in romantic
novels..when that one person seems to be the only reason to live, dream and care for…when happiness is when he smiles and sadness is when u cant
stupid teenage years never show us the possible consequences that act as complementary gifts accompanied by the sweet times….the sharp pain of the
heart..the sorrow of the eyes…the shaking resentment of the voice..the shivers of the palms..the sobbing memories…the delicate emotions.
Who is to be blamed?
the emptiness of a childhood – the budding faith of a young heart – the surrounding souls of the world – the hippy happy pluses of the new feeling – the pure
fairytales – the many wonders of teenage – the war between the clueless mind and juvenile heart ? ?
but here’s a fact that’ll never change no matter who is blamed for what
what had to be done is done and dusted..leaving every lil misery behind to rock a world for a’ll never’ll never chnage…it’ll never
vanish..never lessen…….coz time isnt the best healer, its getting used to the pain that creates the illusion.